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China 0-10v dimmable LED power supply manufacturers
ac to 12 volt dc power supply
0-10v dimmable LED drivers ac to 12 volt dc power supply supplied with a single 12vdc constant voltage output. SMARTS 0-10V dimmable LED drivers are suggested for use with 0-10V dimmers, or resistance.  All of our 0-10v dimmable LED drivers are CE RoHS compliant and ETL FCC audited. These units are suitable for indoor use only and feature a 110v or 220v input for US or European use. All units in this series are designed to meet EN61347-1:2001 /EN61347-2-13:2001 and meet emissions to EN 55105, EN61547. These LED 0-10v dimming led drivers are extremely energy efficient with high PFC 0.92 and high efficency 88%.
Avaliable items in 0-10v dimmable cac to 12 volt dc power supply:
SKU             Input VoltageOutput VoltageWattageCertifications           Class 2      junction box
100-265vac12V DC30WETL,CETL, FCC, ROHS, CEYESyes
SMT-012-045VD100-265vac12V DC45WETL,CETL, FCC, ROHS, CEYESyes
SMT-012-060VD100-265vac12V DC60WETL,CETL, FCC, ROHS, CEYESyes
SMT-012-080VD100-265vac12V DC80WETL,CETL, FCC, ROHS, CENOyes
SMT-012-096VD100-265vac12V DC96WETL,CETL, FCC, ROHS, CENOyes
SMT-012-150VD100-265vac12V DC150WETL,CETL, FCC, ROHS, CENOyes
SMT-012-200VD100-265vac12V DC200WETL,CETL, FCC, ROHS, CENO
connecting diagram:  
There are six series led driver power supply our company specialize in. They are:
--100-277vac full electronic segment Triac/ 0-10v / DALI dimmable LED Driver
--100-130vac/170-265vac Triac / DALI dimmable LED Driver
--Constant Voltage LED Driver
--Constant Current LED Driver
--Enclosure power supply
--Power adapter
Waiting for your inquiry to discuss more details !China 0-10v dimmable LED power supply manufacturers

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