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China WPC Pelletizing production line manufacturers
WPC Parallel Twin-Screw Pelletizing Line (Pellet cutting process)

I. Advantages:
1. With big material bunk (suitable for volume of mixer) to put under the cool mixer, and then convey material onto the hopper with spiral convyor.  
2. With big-diameter signle-screw measureing feeder.  
3. After years of experience on WPC pelletizer, we designed special twin-screw elements and combination to  make 65% wood powder and PE mixing and plastication in best condition.  
4. Four natural vents designed to exhaust left water and volatile matter from wood powder, in order to make sure of qualified finished produts.  
5. To design dust-removal system.  
6. Big L/D (40:1) can make barrel temperature heated not too high to avoid wood burnt, and to make more moisture out.  
7. Special structure of extruder head to crush even and reliable pellets.

II.Origin and brand of electric appliances of SKY WIN  series
1) Main motor: Siemens Beide
2) Contactor: Siemens or Schneider    
3) Power supply switch: Sienmens or Schneider    

4) Inter mediate relay: Siemens or Schneider   
5) Temperature Controller: Japanese RKC  
6) Frequency converter made: TECO
Ⅲ. Auxiliary machines
(1) Shaping machine
(2) Cutting machine
Saw cutting direction: from down to up,
Air engine cylinder: Airtac,
Appearance decorative: spray coating for out doors wpc decking
(3) Stacker for finished products
A.  Unload mode: by air engine
B.  Material of surface board for unloading: stainless steel

ⅣTechnical Parameters
TypeOutput(KG/H)Total Power
Speed(R/Min)Outline Dimension
Factory Status:

Finished products
                                            Pellet for WPC products
                                                          WPC profiles DecorationChina WPC Pelletizing production line manufacturers

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