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How to Download Norton Setup? - smithzack792 - 02-20-2020

The first thing the users have to do once they had purchase  the Norton product is to know how they can download the Norton setup on their system. Go through the steps mentioned below for downloading the Norton product:

• Sign in to the account which is registered with the Norton by going to www.norton.com/setup

•    Enter the Norton email address and password on the provided box.

•    In case the users are not an existing member of the Norton, they have to make a new Norton account first before
proceeding to the further steps.

•    After that, open the Norton antivirus setup mail webpage.

•    On the Norton setup mail webpage, the users can start downloading any of the Norton product as per their wish.

•    Now, the users need to type the identification code whether it is given on the registered email address of
Norton or in the purchased pack of the Norton setup.

•    Click on the “Agree” option if you had gone through the terms and conditions provided before start downloading the Norton product.